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Planning Assessment

A three step introductory process works like this:

Step 1: A 15-20 minute phone call gives us a chance to discuss the planning you are looking to put in place, as well as gain a sense of whether we will also be a good fit as business partners to move forward. 

Step 2: Planning meeting #1: In person or virtually. During this one hour meeting we will focus in on your goals, needs, and concerns. A lot of questions, and information sharing. 

Step 3: Planning meeting #2: All of the information provided will be consolidated, and reviewed at which point I will offer my findings and recommendations. Essentially, this meeting will be used to simplify, and outline the process to move forward.

Under no circumstances will there be a hard sell for you to say yes. I am looking for long term partners, not transactions. 

If you are still unsure and have more questions? Keep reading......


Can we meet virtually?+

ABSOLUTELY. I offer the flexibility to provide virtual meetings and eSignature options to handle your planning needs. I am glad to meet in person if you are comfortable. THIS GOES FOR PEOPLE IN DIFFERENT STATES AS WELL.

What is the CFP® designation? +

□CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ is a voluntary designation earned by professionals who have successfully completed a comprehensive experience, education and exam curriculum. 

□CFP® professionals are held to a higher ethical practice standard above industry requirements. 

□Less than 30% of financial advisors have earned the CFP® professional designation.



Is there a cost for AN INTRODUCTORY MEETING? +

No! Let's talk about you, your family, your business, and whatever is top of mind. We can build from there.

How do you get paid? +

To fit your life planning stage I earn compensation in the form of:

Asset Based Management expense

Comprehensive financial plan 

Commission Earned for implemented planning strategy.

Do you have account minimums? +

Your account balance is not the best metric to determine if we would be a good fit to work together. After we have an opportunity to learn more about each other, we will be better able to see if we would be good business partners.

Are you a fiduciary? +

Yes, I will state in writing that the advice I am providing is solely in your best interest.

Do you earn any referral fees from tax or legal planners? +


Are you paid by or do you favor any vendors to sell certain products? +